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Startup Projects.

We invite you to explore and invest in our startup projects. Our pipeline of innovative early-stage startups and strong team make startups in our portfolio a promising opportunity for investors looking for the next big thing to make a real impact in Africa.
Vogo Logo

Banking with a difference.

Vogo is about to revolutionize the way young people and small businesses handle their finances.

This neo-banking platform is specifically designed for the next generation of savvy entrepreneurs who demand convenience, accessibility, and smart financial solutions. 

With Vogo, the possibilities are limitless!

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Arrive stress-free with Travul.

Travul platform provides fast and reliable transportation options to help commuters get to where they need to be, hassle-free.

This intuitive app makes it easy to find and book the best route for your needs, with real-time updates to ensure you're always on track. We're disrupting the traditional transportation industry with our innovative technology, as we transform the transportation landscape, one ride at a time.

Why Invest in African-led Startups?

The African startup landscape is poised for exponential growth due to increasing internet access and a growing population. This presents a unique opportunity for investors to benefit from the potential upside of investing in an emerging market with a high growth potential.

Many African markets are still untapped, providing ample opportunity for innovative startups to gain a foothold and establish a significant market share. This means that investors can potentially get in early and capitalize on the untapped potential of these markets.

African startups are known for their innovative solutions to local problems. These solutions often have the potential to be scaled up and applied in other emerging markets, making them attractive to investors who are looking for innovative solutions with global potential.

Many African startups are focused on creating social impact in addition to generating financial returns. Investing in these startups provides investors with an opportunity to make a positive impact on society while also generating a return on investment.

Many African countries are investing in building a supportive ecosystem for startups, including government policies that incentivize investment, incubators, accelerators, and mentorship programs. This ecosystem is helping to nurture and grow the African startup landscape, making it an attractive destination for investors.

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